Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Enlargement

What do I get with the penis enlarger?
You get the complete PENIS PAL penis extender kit, which includes enough expansion rods to enlarger your penis up to 14 inches, a spare locking band, and an instructional DVD. It includes everything you need to get the huge cock that women want from a man.

How does penis enlargement work?
The PENIS PAL penis enlargement device works by applying a constant stretch to the penis which over time causes the penis to get bigger. It is the same method used by tribal women in various parts of the world whose tradition is to have very long necks. This stretching action, which causes you to get a bigger penis, is a type of tension applied to the penis called "penile traction", and is the science that makes the PENIS PAL penis extender work. The penile traction process is not at all painful. As a PENIS PAL extender user, you will chose how much tension you want to apply to your penis and how many hours you want to wear it. Just set it to a comfortable level and you are on your way to a much bigger penis.

How do I wear it?
Wearing the PENIS PAL penis enlarger is simple and comfortable. First add the necessary extension bars to accommodate your current penis size, put your penis into it, then apply the holding band around the head of your penis to hold it in place. Finally set the tension level by rotating the adjuster.

Is it comfortable to wear?
Yes the DEHAN penis enlarger is quite comfortable. You set the tension to a level that is effective and forget about it. You can even wear it while you sleep. The penis enlargement device can be worn under loose pants without any obvious signs.

How do I order?
You can order online using a credit card. We ship worldwide, using express air mail from our distribution center New Zealand, for a flat fee of $14.95. This generally takes about four days to arrive anywhere in the world.

Is this guaranteed to enlarge my penis?
Absolutely. The PENIS PAL is the best penis enlargement device available that is both easy to use and comfortable and provides penis size gains of one or even more inches per month if used as directed. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied you may return it within 60 days for a full refund.

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